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Present Forum: Teams looking for players

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Date Posted Posted by Title
12/18/2014 Shane Sealy Easton Elite Speed 00 looking for two
12/15/2014 jaida lancaster 18U team in close to decatur ga
12/15/2014 James Scaffe 8u team looking to add a few players
12/12/2014 Palmetto Power 04 Palmetto Power 04 - Private Tryouts for Open Position
12/10/2014 Ryan Strange Peachtree Pride 02 Needs a Couple
12/9/2014 Shane Sealy Easton Elite Speed 00 looking for one
12/9/2014 Rick Hinrichs 10 Team Invasion - Tryouts
12/6/2014 Scott  Schneider East Cobb Legends OO Open Tryouts
12/4/2014 Scott Mackey Pitcher
12/4/2014 Michael Lunsford Team Georgia 03 - 12u
11/19/2014 Roger Hammonds Diamond Elite looking
11/15/2014 Jorge  Najarro Riot Fastpitch 10U looking for players
11/12/2014 Kris Gibson Team Looking for Catcher
11/9/2014 David Battle looking for a couple more
11/9/2014 David Battle looking for a couple more
11/9/2014 Tina Bennett 12U & 14U Lady Rockets
11/5/2014 MICHELE TRIPALDI Need More Mound Time (14U)
11/3/2014 Jerry Alexander Columbus Storm Open Tryouts 10u - High School
10/30/2014 Rene Rubio Georgia Challengers 18U Tryouts
10/29/2014 Crystal  Brown 18 U looking for utilities
10/28/2014 mike vickery NORTH GA CONNECTION 10U
10/27/2014 Jerry Alexander Open Tryouts In Columbus GA
10/23/2014 Sherry Jackson Calling All 14u Players
10/23/2014 Sherry Jackson 14u Tryouts
10/23/2014 Mike Vickery N GA Connection 12U Private Tryouts
10/22/2014 Shane Lee Looking for a Family and not just a Team?
10/21/2014 mike vickery LOOKING FOR 12U PLAYERS
10/21/2014 marquis murray Pitcher
10/21/2014 John Patton 12U Pitcher Needed for 1 Day Tourney
10/20/2014 John Patton 12U Diamond Dawgs Looking for Pitcher
10/20/2014 J Ross 12U Synergy looking for 1 more
10/20/2014 Dusty Kay CSRA Force 10u
10/17/2014 Alex  Lopez 12U 03 team Looking for a pitcher and Catcher
10/17/2014 kathy guin Catcher/Utility Player needed 14U
10/16/2014 kathy guin Solid catcher or utility players
10/14/2014 Tim Cawthon Looking for 14 or 16u pitcher
10/13/2014 Jerry Alexander Columbus Storm Open Tryouts
10/12/2014 Kevin Cochran Open Tryouts
10/12/2014 Ryan Samples 2015 PC Pride 8U Tryout Info Oct 19 & 25
10/12/2014 Chameka Amerson Phenoms 14U looking for players
10/8/2014 Crystal  Brown Looking for starting pitcher for 18U chaos
10/8/2014 Alex Lopez Hornets 12U softball team looking for tow 03 players
10/6/2014 Thomas Tedder Players needed
10/2/2014 Alex Costa Georgia Fire 02- Looking for 2-3 players
10/2/2014 Gabriel Katzer 10u pitcher and catcher
10/1/2014 Todd Bailey 16U Dacula Falcons
9/30/2014 Mike Vickery N GA Connectin 12U Tryouts Oct. 7
9/29/2014 mike vickery 12U TRYOUTS FOR NGC
9/29/2014 Jason  Lann Southern Bullets tryouts14u/16u
9/29/2014 mike vickery 10u catcher needed for A ball team
9/28/2014 Roger Hammonds USAAI softball in Aruba 2015
9/27/2014 PJ Strickland Open Tryout/Workout in Jackson County
9/26/2014 PJ Strickland 14 U Open tryout/work out Jackson County
9/25/2014 Macie Widener 14U GEORGIA KNOCKOUTS
9/22/2014 mike ferrell SMACKERS 14u
9/18/2014 Shane Lee 10U Cedartown Xtreme
9/17/2014 Dean Christian Game On High School age
9/17/2014 Mikell Clifton East Ga. Crossfire (10u) looking for Two!!
9/17/2014 Wayne  Barfield Players needed
9/17/2014 Jason Pitts Blue Devils 03 Fast pitch Auburn/Opelika
9/16/2014 Andrea Weston Spalding Intensity 14U
9/15/2014 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm 10 U and 12 U
9/12/2014 kathy guin CSRA FORCE 14U tryouts
9/11/2014 Bill Gadberry Savannah Indians Looking for players
9/11/2014 Ricky Albritton 12U team looking for catcher Macon area
9/9/2014 Mike Vickery N GA Connection 8U needs 1 more
9/9/2014 Shane  West North GA Connection 8U First Baseman needed
9/9/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball
9/5/2014 kimberly moore Ace pitcher needed
9/4/2014 Rick Hinrichs 10U Invasion Tryouts
9/3/2014 johnny evans 14u in North Hall looking for utility and pitcher
9/2/2014 Mike Vickery N GA Connection 8U needs 1 more
8/29/2014 Dan  Tripaldi Havoc needing a few to complete roster
8/29/2014 Shane Lee 14U Cedartown Xtreme Tryout Sept. 7th
8/29/2014 MICHELE TRIPALDI Havoc needing a few to complete roster
8/28/2014 Brian  Oglesby Elite Aces 8U looking for 1st baseman
8/26/2014 kimberly moore Looking for players
8/26/2014 Kemp Crawford 04 Breakers need pitchers (Madison, GA)
8/26/2014 Wil  S GA Xtreme 02 - Tryouts
8/26/2014 Todd Bailey 99 Dacula Falcons
8/25/2014 Chameka  Amerson 12U Phenoms looking for players
8/23/2014 jamie hancock South Ga Recoil Tryouts
8/20/2014 Nicole Yancey West GA Warriors
8/20/2014 Crystal  Brown 18U
8/20/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball Tryouts
8/19/2014 Mike Downs Signature Park Firehawks 04
8/19/2014 Rick Hinrichs Invasion - Tryouts
8/19/2014 Denise Schnieders Lady Select 2001
8/15/2014 GA Xtreme 12U A Ball Tryouts 8/16/14
8/14/2014 Mike Downs Signature Park Firehawks 04 (10U)
8/14/2014 Mike Vickery N GA Connection - Vickery 10 "A" Catcher Needed
8/14/2014 mike vickery 10U CATCHER
8/14/2014 James Scaffe Looking for 2-3 8U girls
8/13/2014 Ricky Albritton 12U catcher needed Macon/Byron
8/13/2014 Mike Vickery 8U N GA Connection tryouts (Commerce, GA)
8/12/2014 Lori Walwyn Looking for Pitchers for 16U- A
8/12/2014 Jeanne Quigley 14U Columbus Storm
8/12/2014 Denise Schnieders Lady Select '01- 14U open workout
8/12/2014 Venom Coach Ga Girls tryouts
8/12/2014 Jerry Alexander pitcher 16u
8/12/2014 Jeff  Jackson Chain Lynx 10u
8/12/2014 Mike Horne 14u open try outs
8/11/2014 Brandon Chapman **12U Team Looking for a few new players**
8/11/2014 Clay Hobbs 8U players needed for N. Ga. Connection
8/10/2014 Brandy Ledford Southern Rage
8/10/2014 Rick Hinrichs Team Invasion Tryouts - 10U
8/9/2014 Donald Pinette USSSA Georgia Pride
8/9/2014 Mike McCraw 10U Signature Park 04 FireHawks Tryout
8/8/2014 Blaine Fowler Ga. Girls 10u Tryouts
8/7/2014 johnny evans 14u Georgia Bandits looking to add players.
8/7/2014 GA Xtreme 12U A Ball
8/6/2014 Spencer Bass GEORGIA PRESSURE 14A
8/6/2014 Brian Stokes ga.threat
8/6/2014 Brian Oglesby 11U
8/6/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball Tryouts
8/5/2014 Buster Kaiser Tryouts August 10th
8/5/2014 Jason  Lann 14u Southern Bullets fastpitch tryouts
8/5/2014 Tim Lowery North Georgia Octane 12U try-outs
8/5/2014 Shane Lee 16U Cedartown Xtreme
8/5/2014 Tim Lowery North Georgia Octane 12U
8/5/2014 Bill Starkey North Ga. Stars 12u tryouts
8/4/2014 Jane  Walleyn 14U Travel Team Open Tryout
8/4/2014 Brian Stokes ga. Threat
8/4/2014 tracy perdue 05 player needed
8/4/2014 ricky knowles Ga Girls Tryouts
8/4/2014 Jason Pitts 03 Pitcher available for pick-up
8/3/2014 kimberly moore georgia wolverines tryouts
8/2/2014 Weylin Torbush 14u elite aces, looking for 2
8/1/2014 Crystal  Brown Pitchers
7/31/2014 Latecie  Gilghrest 12u pitcher
7/30/2014 Brandy Christy 10U mountain view bears try-outs
7/30/2014 Jerry Alexander Looking for pitcher and short stop
7/28/2014 Brent Loftin T.E.A.M. Softball Tryouts
7/28/2014 Brent Loftin GA Academy Power Tryouts
7/28/2014 Trent Ingram CHAOS Elite 14U Tryouts
7/28/2014 Brent Loftin TEAM Softball
7/28/2014 Brent Loftin GA Academy Power Tryouts
7/28/2014 Brandon Chapman **12U Team Hosting Open Tryouts**
7/27/2014 James  storey 12u players
7/27/2014 Eddie Trammell Looking for 12 u players
7/27/2014 James Cribb GA Adrenaline 12U Tryouts - 7/27
7/25/2014 Jason  Lann 14u Southern Bullets tryouts
7/24/2014 mike ferrell Smackers 14u
7/23/2014 kimberly moore GA Wolverine Try Out 14u-18u
7/23/2014 Spencer Bass GEORGIA PRESSURE 14U
7/23/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball Tryouts
7/23/2014 Clay Hobbs Upcoming try-outs for North Georgia Connection 8u,10u, and 12u
7/23/2014 jason boykin 14u South Georgia team
7/23/2014 Todd Bailey Dacula Falcons 16U - Open Try-Outs
7/22/2014 sowega coyotes Sowega Coyotes tryouts10U-18U
7/22/2014 Titan  Trimble GA Quest 14u Tryouts
7/22/2014 Titan  Trimble GA Quest 14u tryouts
7/22/2014 ricky knowles Ga Girls Tryouts
7/19/2014 David Jones New North Ga Connection 10U Team
7/19/2014 Alex Lopez 12u Hornets Tryouts
7/18/2014 josh huskin 2001 Georgia Stix
7/18/2014 Nikole Boatwright Diamond Devils
7/18/2014 jason  robinson Looking for 10U pitcher for 7-26 tournament
7/18/2014 Russell Skinner 14U Oconee Co SB Team
7/16/2014 Craig Gossett 06 8u Bullpen travel softball team looking to add players
7/16/2014 Clay Hobbs North Ga. Connection looking for 8u,10u & 12u players
7/15/2014 Brandon Chapman 12U Pitcher Needed
7/15/2014 Crystal Brown catchers, pitchers and utilities
7/14/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball Tryouts
7/14/2014 Ricky Albritton 03 Team has 1 opening Mid Ga.
7/13/2014 Jerry Alexander Pick up players for July 26
7/12/2014 Gary  Miller Ga Renegades Organizational Tryouts
7/9/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Baseball Fall/Spring Tryouts
7/9/2014 David Pair 18U Team in South Alabama looking for a pitcher & catcher
7/9/2014 Latecie  Gilghrest 12U players
7/9/2014 Jeff  Jackson Chain Lynx 10u tryout dates
7/8/2014 Kenneth Thomas 12U (2002) and 14U Outlaws Tryout
7/8/2014 Todd Bailey Dacula Falcons - 16U Tryouts
7/8/2014 Jeanne Quigley 10U,12U , 14 U tryouts
7/6/2014 Travis Neilson Gladiators
7/4/2014 Eric Ashton Worth Cobras 04 tryouts
7/4/2014 mike ferrell Smackers 14u
7/3/2014 Alex  Lopez 12 UTryouts
6/30/2014 Brandy Ledford Southern Rage looking for Catcher and 3rd/Short Stop.
6/30/2014 Spencer Bass TEAM INSANITY O1
6/30/2014 David Pair 18U ABBEVILLE HEAT TRYOUTS
6/29/2014 Brandon Chapman 12U Team Looking for Players and Pitcher
6/25/2014 Michelle  Dye 12U pitcher needed 6/28 in Milledgeville
6/24/2014 Jerry Alexander 16 u pick up pitcher 7/12
6/23/2014 Barry Hardin 12-14under Team Invasion tryouts
6/22/2014 Keith Conway Jack City 12u
6/20/2014 Keith Conway Jack City 12u Tryouts
6/20/2014 Crystal  Brown Pitchers NEEDED
6/18/2014 Jerry Alexander Columbus Storm 16U Tryouts
6/17/2014 Hank Simmons 10U tryout in Gwinnett County
6/16/2014 Shane Lee 14U Pitcher needed for Saturday 21st
6/16/2014 Dusty Kay Pick up players
6/14/2014 kimberly moore TEAM tryouts
6/13/2014 Brian  Oglesby Elite Aces 8U Covington GA
6/10/2014 Michelle  Dye Southern Smash 12 U
6/10/2014 Momentum Softball Georgia Momentum 04
6/9/2014 Dusty Kay CSRA Force 10u
6/8/2014 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm 12 U
6/7/2014 Jeanne Quigley new Columbus 12 U Team
6/6/2014 Crystal Brown looking for a pitcher for 6-28
6/5/2014 Jerry Alexander Columbus Storm 16 U
6/3/2014 Chase  Bell New EC Bullets 05 team for this Fall
6/3/2014 Ben Dalton Rockers 14u
6/3/2014 Brandy Ledford Southern Rage looking for pickup on 6/7
6/1/2014 Brandon  Keel Looking for pitcher on 6/7
5/29/2014 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm 10 U tryouts
5/28/2014 Craig Gossett 06 8u Bullpen travel softball team forming
5/22/2014 Shane Lee Cedartown Xtreme 16U, looking to pick up a player for this weekend
5/21/2014 brad honeycutt jcmyst 12u looking for 4 players
5/21/2014 Mike Vickery 04 players needed for North Georgia Connection 10u
5/21/2014 Chris Buffington GA Titans 00 - looking for pick up pitcher 5/24
5/21/2014 Clay Hobbs North Ga. Connection needs some 10u Girls!
5/21/2014 Momentum Softball Momentum 04 Looking for a starting pitcher
5/20/2014 mike ferrell Dynamic player
5/20/2014 chris buffington 14 u Titans looking for Ace pitcher for this weekend in wakinsville
5/15/2014 Kris Gibson Team looking for 2004 Players
5/13/2014 Jeremy Mickelson Chattahoochee Valley Lady Mavericks 16U Looking for a Pitcher
5/12/2014 Momentum Softball Momentum 04 Softball Open Practice/Tryouts
5/12/2014 Momentum Softball Momentum 04 Softball Open Practice/Tryouts
5/11/2014 Jeanne Quigley 12U Catcher
5/7/2014 James  storey Looking for a strong 10u players
5/7/2014 Shane Lee Looking to P/U, P and IF for 5/10
5/7/2014 Randall Gailey 12U needs a pitcher for May 10 Jefferson
5/6/2014 steve howard GRA 14u
5/5/2014 Barry Hardin looking for 02 catcher
5/4/2014 Roger Hammonds Looking for 16u outfielder
5/3/2014 Curt Hinson 06 Elite Lady Gunslingers tryout
4/30/2014 Lesley Jones 14u pitcher for world series
4/28/2014 Jerry Alexander Pitcher needed for May 3rd
4/27/2014 Brandon  Keel Looking for pitcher for May 3rd and 4th
4/24/2014 Erica Adams Middle Ga 12U team
4/24/2014 Anthony Thiel Pitcher needed May 3rd in Columbus
4/22/2014 bruce winters Coach
4/16/2014 David Dempsey 14 Pitcher
4/15/2014 brad honeycutt Start up 12u fastpitch open tryouts
4/13/2014 Jeanne Quigley 12U Catcher
4/13/2014 Jerry Alexander Columbus Storm 16 u / utility players
4/11/2014 Momentum Softball Momentum 04 Softball Looking for Players and Coaches
4/9/2014 J. Pitts Storm 10U looking for a catcher/ infielder
4/8/2014 Jerry Alexander Tryout/workout 16u
4/8/2014 Crystal  Brown Pitcher
4/6/2014 Tim Brock 14u Georgia Storm looking for good catcher
4/6/2014 Jerry Alexander 16 u Columbus Storm (Alexander)
4/4/2014 Brad Patterson pitcher
4/4/2014 Rick Cantrell Georgia Drive Power 03 Looking For Player
4/3/2014 Rick Cantrell Georgia Drive Power 03 looking for player
4/3/2014 Dave Majeski 16U Team SC
4/3/2014 Dave Majeski 16U Team SC
4/2/2014 marquis murray Thomson Yard Dogs
4/1/2014 Jerry Alexander 16u Columbus Storm(Alexander)
3/30/2014 Casey Howell 10U player needed 4/5 in Bainbridge
3/30/2014 Bill Gadberry Savannah Indians 14u
3/29/2014 Luke Andrews New 10U team North GA
3/29/2014 Roger Hammonds Looking for 16U
3/29/2014 Jerry Alexander 16 u tryouts in Columbus GA
3/26/2014 Jerry Alexander Picther and Utility Player
3/26/2014 Jerry Alexander Pitcher and utility players
3/25/2014 Jeanne Quigley 12 U Catcher
3/23/2014 Coach S 14U Lady A's
3/23/2014 Debbie Winfield Looking for pitcher
3/19/2014 Erica Adams 12U
3/19/2014 Ben Dalton 14u Looking for outfield help
3/18/2014 Chris Snow Catcher 01 or 02 west ga area
3/17/2014 JJ MM Looking for 14 u pitcher
3/17/2014 Kevin Smith Mayhem Looking for 03 catcher
3/16/2014 Rick Hinrichs Looking for pitcher
3/16/2014 Madison Saxon 16U Maximum Heat ( Flowery Branch GA)
3/15/2014 Curt Hinson 06 Elite Lady Gunslingers
3/11/2014 Mike McCraw 8U Signature Park FireHawks
3/9/2014 Brandon  Keel Looking for a 16u pitcher on 3/15
3/5/2014 kimberly moore georgia wolverines need ace pitcher
3/5/2014 Brian  Duren 99 Player
3/3/2014 ken palmer 18 pitcher needed
3/3/2014 James  storey 10u player
2/27/2014 JAMES JONES Need pitcher for Dublin
2/27/2014 Brandy Ledford Two Southern Rage Players looking to pickup 3/8
2/26/2014 Brandon  Keel 16u Tryout
2/26/2014 Shane Lee Cedartown Xtreme 14U looking for one more player
2/26/2014 Terri Conner 10 Pitcher needed
2/24/2014 Spencer Bass 12u Team
2/23/2014 Laura Bryan 10U Baldwin Co team looking for players
2/22/2014 Mike Brown Barrow Co 14u team looking for a few girls
2/21/2014 Lesley Jones GAME ON STIXX still looking
2/18/2014 Scott Christian 99 Alpharetta Fire (Coach Christian) Tryouts
2/18/2014 Brandy Ledford Seeking Consistent 12U Pitcher
2/18/2014 Chet Watkins 14U Barrow County Tryout
2/18/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball 12u, 14u, 16u looking for players
2/17/2014 Mike Brown 14U BCM SOFTBALL TRYOUT 2/22/14
2/17/2014 RONNIE JOHNSTON OUTLAWS 16u looking for pitcher
2/13/2014 TONY ROBERTS NEEDED!! Strong Pitcher & Outfielder
2/12/2014 Anthony Thiel GA Girls Has 2 Spots
2/11/2014 Wil  Sanchez Looking for 02' Pick Up Player
2/10/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball 16u looking for players
2/8/2014 Kenneth Thomas 12U Outlaws - Players Needed
2/5/2014 Tim Cawthon 14u looking for a pitcher
2/4/2014 Marquarious Johnson 14u team looking for pitcher
2/4/2014 Travis Pierson 14U team looking
2/2/2014 Ashley Parker 14U Looking for Players
2/1/2014 Britni Nix 05 LADY SELECT NEEDS 2
1/31/2014 Adam Brandenburg SES 12u, 14u, & 16u Tryouts
1/30/2014 Mike Brown 14 u tryouts cancelled for 2/1
1/30/2014 Lesley Jones 99 14u tryouts GAME ON
1/30/2014 Amy Williams 16U tryouts
1/29/2014 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball 16u Tryout
1/29/2014 Mark Bailey Gwinnett 12U team looking for 2 more
1/28/2014 Wil  Sanchez 02' Team Looking for 1 Player IF/OF
1/27/2014 Robert Glover 14U Pitcher Needed
1/27/2014 Patrick  McDermott Storm 12u looking
1/27/2014 Chet Watkins 14U tryouts 2/1/14 and 2/8/14
1/27/2014 Lance McMurray Blue Bayou 10U looking for 2 or 3 players
1/27/2014 Mike Brown 14U BCM team tryouts 2/1 and 2/8
1/26/2014 Brandy Ledford In search of '01-'02 STARTING pitcher
1/26/2014 Doug Morris Pitcher needed Bandits out of Kennesaw
1/25/2014 rex king 99 team
1/24/2014 Ronnie Johnston OUTLAWS 16u looking for infielder Valdosta
1/24/2014 Patrick  McDermott Columbus Storm 14U
1/23/2014 David Jones 12u team looking for a catcher
1/22/2014 chris buffington 14 u Titans looking for Ace pitcher
1/22/2014 Wil  Sanchez 02' Team looking for 1 player 1B/OF
1/21/2014 Mike Brown 14u Try outs
1/21/2014 Shane Lee Xtreme 14U looking to fill last two roster spots
1/20/2014 richard bridgeman Macon Dynamite 12U final tryout
1/20/2014 Lesley Jones GAME ON 14U TRYOUTS
1/19/2014 Dee Roddy Georgia Fire 01- Frost
1/18/2014 Michael Lunsford Team Ga 03 looking for 3 players
1/18/2014 Coach S 2 Roster Spots still open
1/18/2014 Marquarious Johnson 14u team looking for starting picher
1/17/2014 Joey Tye 16u A USSSA Pride Elite tryout
1/16/2014 Matt Horne N GA 10U seeking OF/Util Players
1/15/2014 mike vickery North Georgia Connection 10U
1/14/2014 richard bridgeman Macon Dynamite 12U rescheduled
1/14/2014 Coach Richard Hines 10U 04 Blazers
1/14/2014 Kevin Land Looking for 14U Catcher and middle infielder
1/13/2014 Michael Metzler 12U - Buford
1/12/2014 quentin singletary 12u looking to add a pitcher
1/12/2014 Jeff Lysaught 99 Team looking for players
1/12/2014 Carrie Scarborough Georgia Outlaws 10U looking for 2
1/9/2014 Anthony Thiel GA Girls Fastpitch 02 Tryouts!!!
1/9/2014 Erica Adams 10U team looking for players
1/6/2014 Travis Pierson 14U/Pitcher
1/4/2014 Brian Stokes Ga. Threat Softball
1/4/2014 Britney Downey 98/16u looking for a team for 2014 season
1/2/2014 richard bridgeman Dynamite 12u Middle GA
1/2/2014 Weylin Torbush Elite Aces Tryout Sat 1/4/14 at 1:00
12/31/2013 Coach S Lady A's Fast-Pitch
12/31/2013 Lesley Jones Game On 14u tryouts
12/31/2013 Kandy James Fusion 8u
12/30/2013 Mr. Coyote Sowega Coyotes Player Evaluations
12/30/2013 quentin singletary 14u pitcher needed for spring 2014
12/30/2013 Adam Brandenburg SOUTH EAST SOFTBALL 12u TRYOUTS
12/30/2013 Weylin Torbush 01 Elite Aces, Open Try-Out This Sat 1/4/14
12/29/2013 Jmmy Rouse Team Fear looking to add
12/26/2013 James  storey 10u players
12/23/2013 J. Pitts Columbus Storm 03 private tryouts
12/23/2013 Wil  Sanchez 02' looking for 3 more players
12/20/2013 J. Pitts West Ga. 10U looking for a couple..
12/19/2013 Brandy Ledford Dec 21st Tryout/Practice for 12U Southern Rage
12/19/2013 Chris Gaither Pitcher
12/16/2013 Joe White 12U Bandits Looking for Serious Players
12/16/2013 Travis Pierson pitcher
12/16/2013 Dee Roddy Georgia Fire 01- Frost
12/13/2013 Adam Brandenburg SOUTH EAST SOFTBALL 16u TRYOUTS
12/12/2013 Travis Pierson 14u tryouts
12/11/2013 Tim Lowery 03 Pitcher needed for NE GA team.
12/10/2013 richard bridgeman 12u Team Macon reschedule
12/9/2013 Britni Nix 8u Lady Select Loganville
12/6/2013 Weylin Torbush 01 Elite Aces, looking to add 1 player
12/6/2013 richard bridgeman 12u Team Macon
12/6/2013 Mike McCraw 8U Signature Park tryouts Dec 7
12/2/2013 Travis Pierson 14U tryouts
12/2/2013 Wil  Sanchez 02' 12U Tryouts out of Buford
12/1/2013 Travis Pierson Tryouts
12/1/2013 Michael Lunsford Team Ga 03 Tryouts Dec 8th
11/29/2013 Paul Walrath 14u needing pitcher for Dec 7 in conyers
11/27/2013 jason crane 12u start up based in madison county
11/26/2013 jason boykin 12u team looking for pitcher
11/22/2013 Wil  Sanchez 02' 12U Tryouts Buford - Gwinnett
11/20/2013 jeremy morris 12u pitcher needed
11/19/2013 Scott Rawls Dirt Dawgs - Mizuno 12u 01 Tryout
11/19/2013 Scott Standard 8u team based out of Covington looking for 2-3 '05/'06 girls
11/18/2013 Carey  Hanson East Metro SWAT 12U ('02+) Tryouts @ Earl O'Neal Park in Conyers, GA
11/16/2013 Ron Allen TITANS 14u
11/15/2013 michael hogan cordele fusion
11/14/2013 Mike McCraw 8U tryouts at Signature Park
11/14/2013 Mike McCraw 8U tryouts @ Signature Park
11/14/2013 Gregory Artis 18A Tryouts
11/14/2013 Crystal  Brown 18U out of walton county
11/13/2013 lorraine walker 16 u Georgia Crusaders
11/10/2013 Marquarious Johnson 14u purple blaze looking
11/10/2013 Lesley Jones Stixx 14u
11/8/2013 Alex Costa GA Fire 12U Tryouts this Sunday 11/10 (Gwinnett County)
11/7/2013 Nicole Aaron Pitcher needed for 11/9
11/7/2013 Amy Williams Pitcher needed for 11/9
11/7/2013 Travis Pierson p/u pitcher 11-9-13
11/6/2013 Holly Smith 16U Tryouts
11/6/2013 Brian  Duren 99 Xtreme Whippets looking for pitcher
11/6/2013 Wil  Sanchez 2002 12U Tryouts Buford - Gwinnett county
11/5/2013 Weylin Torbush 01 Elite Aces 12U looking for 1
11/5/2013 Weylin Torbush Elite Aces 01 looking for 1 player
11/2/2013 Scott West Cordele Fusion 10u Looking For Players
11/1/2013 mike ferrell Smackers 12u and 14u
11/1/2013 PJ Strickland SMACKERS 12 U & 14 U TRYOUTS
10/31/2013 lynn widener 14U Team team looking looking in CSRA
10/30/2013 Ricky Albritton 10U Bibb, Jones, Houston and Peach County area
10/30/2013 Ryan Strange Ridge 12U Tryout Nov 3rd
10/29/2013 Ashley Parker 14U Looking for Players
10/28/2013 Charles Brockenbrough Coach
10/25/2013 Anthony Thiel GA Girls Fastpitch 02
10/24/2013 Holly Smith 16U Tryouts
10/21/2013 Derek Hutcheson 10u team looking for p/u pitcher for Dublin tournament
10/21/2013 Sherrie Leverett Cordele CraZe looking for players
10/21/2013 scott keene 14u Kaboom Tryouts 10/27
10/20/2013 rex king open tryouts sunday oct 27th
10/18/2013 rex king 99 team looking for pitcher and utility player
10/17/2013 Paul Walrath 14u needing player (pitcher a plus)
10/17/2013 Shane Lee Cedartown Xtreme looking for players
10/16/2013 Travis Pierson p/u pitcher
10/14/2013 Scott Deason 8u
10/11/2013 99 Georgia Extreme 99 Georgia Extreme Open Workout
10/9/2013 Amy Williams 16U needing players
10/9/2013 Sarah Register 12u and 14u pickup pitcher needed for this weekend 10/12/13
10/9/2013 D W Stingerz looking for 2003 pitcher
10/8/2013 Paul Walrath 14u needing player for 10/12 and or 10/19-20
10/7/2013 rex king 99 pickup pitcher B 10-12-13
10/5/2013 Frankie Wylie Looking for 10U, 12U, 14U
10/4/2013 Jason  Lann 14u Southern Bullets looking for 3
10/3/2013 Scott Standard Newton County 8u team looking.....
10/2/2013 Matt Horne 10U GA Outlaws Looking For Pitching (All the mound time)
10/1/2013 Bruno Scarborough 10U Georgia Outlaws looking for two pitchers
10/1/2013 Waldo Odens 12U Chattanooga Angels looking for 3 more players
9/29/2013 Coach S 14u Team needs 2 Full Time Players
9/29/2013 Coach S 14u Team needs 2 Full Time Players
9/25/2013 Matt Horne 10U N GA Connection Catcher Needed
9/25/2013 Matt Horne 10U CSRA Force Looking For Pitcher
9/25/2013 Guy Poss CSRA Force 10U looking for pitcher
9/24/2013 Brandy Ledford ISO: 2- '01 Players
9/23/2013 gary taylor South Georgia Lady Sharks - Black
9/22/2013 Cindy  McNeese South Ga Recoil 14U (Cordele) Makeup
9/21/2013 jamie hancock 16&under tryouts
9/20/2013 Scott Rawls 12u NG DirtDawgs in need for a Catcher and Pitcher
9/19/2013 Game On Training 10U pticher/shortstop
9/19/2013 jamie hancock tryouts
9/16/2013 Rick Hinrichs Looking for 2
9/16/2013 craig stanfield South Effingham Angels 18u Patrick
9/16/2013 craig stanfield South Effingham Angels 18u Patrick
9/16/2013 Brian  Duren 99 Xtreme Whippets Tryouts
9/16/2013 Kris Gibson 10U Team
9/15/2013 Chris Gaither 14u tryouts
9/13/2013 Brent Loftin 12U Catcher Needed
9/13/2013 Rene Rubio GA Renegades 16U
9/13/2013 Brent Loftin 12U Catcher Needed
9/11/2013 Hurricane GM 12U Ga Hurricanes Tryouts!!!!
9/11/2013 Scott Standard U8 Newton County team looking for players
9/11/2013 Tim Lowery Team looking for 16U pitcher
9/11/2013 Joey White Carolina Rage (white)
9/10/2013 Terry Hammonds 98 Georgia Toxic
9/10/2013 Geno Ussery Ga. Militia 18u
9/10/2013 Cindy  McNeese South Ga Recoil 14U try outs (Cordele)
9/9/2013 Chuck Reyome GA Intensity-Reyome (12U) looking for players
9/9/2013 Tracy McAbee West Cobb Xplosion 05 (8U)
9/9/2013 Roger Lang In search of committed players
9/8/2013 Jimmy Aleman 10U Middle GA Looking
9/5/2013 Jason  Lann 14U tryouts
9/4/2013 Crystal  Brown 16/18U
9/4/2013 RODNEY MILSTID Renegades 14U
9/4/2013 Dee Roddy Georgia Fire '01- Frost
9/2/2013 Jeff Stallings Mid Georgia Panthers 18A Tryouts
9/2/2013 Jerry  Darnell 14 & Under Lady Vipers Tryouts
9/2/2013 Jimmy Aleman Developing Team Seeking Players
8/30/2013 Mike Ferguson Georgia Naturals 18U
8/29/2013 D W 10U. Stingerz looking for catcher
8/28/2013 Game On Training Game ON 03 seeking pitcher
8/28/2013 Game On Training Game ON 01- seeking 2
8/28/2013 Larry Childs 16& under pitcher
8/26/2013 J Ross 03 Synergy looking for one more
8/26/2013 Matt Horne Huskies 12U Winder, GA (Looking for players)
8/26/2013 Jaime Barela 12U team looking for players
8/26/2013 Cindy  McNeese South Ga Recoil 14U tryouts
8/26/2013 Matt Horne 10U GA Outlaws (Athens Area Team)
8/26/2013 Jaime Barela 12u team looking for players
8/26/2013 Bobby Costlow 16U - A pitcher needed
8/26/2013 Anthony Joyner 16U
8/25/2013 rex king 99 teams tryout
8/24/2013 Crystal  Brown 16/18 U Walton County Team
8/23/2013 Johnathan Ball Elite Gamers-Ball 10U team looking to add
8/23/2013 Adam Hart New GA Renegades 10U team
8/22/2013 Bruno Scarborough GA Outlaws 10U looking to fill positions
8/22/2013 Rick Hinrichs 12U & 16U Team Invasion Tryouts
8/21/2013 Matt Horne 10U CSRA Force Looking For Seasoned Pitcher
8/21/2013 Guy Poss CSRA Force 10U looking for pitcher
8/20/2013 Werner  Bandows Southern Chaos Tryouts
8/20/2013 Rick Hinrichs 12U Team Invasion Tryouts
8/20/2013 R Bonnett Alcovy Outlaws 14u Open Practice/Tryouts
8/19/2013 Rene Rubio GA Renegades 16U Tryouts
8/19/2013 TPS Thunder05 TPS Thunder 05 Looking for 1 More
8/18/2013 Jacob Lott Southern Storm 14U in South GA
8/17/2013 kevin register Team Integrity tryouts for 10u,12u,&14u
8/16/2013 David Jones 10u-12u tryouts
8/14/2013 David Jones 10u & 12u tryouts
8/14/2013 Amy Dunaway 10U & 12U Knockouts Tryouts
8/14/2013 Brian Perdue 8-scrimmage
8/13/2013 Jim  Williams Ga Pressure 02
8/12/2013 Jason  Martin 10U Crush looking for players
8/12/2013 Ben Lawrence Chaoz (Hall) 18U Tryouts
8/12/2013 Jason  Martin Crush 10U looking to fill roster
8/12/2013 Scott Rawls 12 U 01 DirtDawgs Tryouts
8/12/2013 jason boykin time change
8/10/2013 kevin register Team Integrity tryouts for 10u,12u,&14u
8/9/2013 Crystal  Brown 16/18U tryouts
8/7/2013 chris buffington Team Thunder 12u
8/7/2013 Pat  McDermott Storm 10U looking
8/7/2013 Jmmy Rouse 14u TEAM FEAR
8/6/2013 Jeff Lockaby 16u GEORGIA HEAT(A) Try-Outs
8/5/2013 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball Tryouts
8/4/2013 Michael Lunsford Team Ga 03* 2 roster spots open*
8/3/2013 Dana Lowery Middle Georgia Blaze 14u tryouts
8/2/2013 Dana Lowery 14U Tryouts for Middle Ga. Blaze
8/2/2013 Angela Boulineau 16 U Tryouts for The Cage
8/1/2013 Paul Walrath open tryout Smiths AL
8/1/2013 Werner  Bandows Southern Chaos 10U Tryouts
7/31/2013 josh huskin 12U Georgia Stix
7/30/2013 Randall Gailey Swatt 12U try outs
7/30/2013 Ben Dalton 14U Lady Rockers
7/30/2013 Rick Hinrichs Team Invasion Tryouts 16U
7/30/2013 Benjamin Dalton Lady Rockers 14U tryouts
7/30/2013 Kevin Jones Archer 18U Lady Tigers Tryouts
7/29/2013 Randall Gailey Swatt 10U softball 2014 try outs Saturday 8/3/13
7/29/2013 Paul Walrath Dirt Diva's 14u
7/29/2013 Vernon  Hilpot 16 u Tryouts- Georgia Crusaders
7/28/2013 GA Renegades GA RENEGADES/BLACK 14U
7/28/2013 Jeff  Jackson Synergy 04 tryouts
7/28/2013 Denise Schnieders Lady Select Organizational tryouts Aug.3
7/28/2013 mike ferrell 01 players
7/28/2013 RODNEY MILSTID 14A
7/28/2013 chris buffington Georgia Thunder 12u try outs
7/27/2013 ricky knowles Ga Girls Fastpitch 00 14U tryouts
7/25/2013 Brandy Ledford 12U Southern Rage hosting open tryouts
7/25/2013 Erica Adams 10U
7/25/2013 J Ross 10U Middle Georgia
7/24/2013 Randall Gailey Swatt Softball tryouts 2013/14
7/24/2013 R Bonnett Alcovy Outlaws 14u open practice/tryouts.
7/22/2013 jessie childs 16u
7/21/2013 Jmmy Rouse 12u TEAM FEAR
7/21/2013 Kris Schwab 12U Tryouts Aug.11th & 12th South Hall area
7/20/2013 Flames Coach 16U SOUTH FORSYTH FLAMES TRYOUTS!
7/18/2013 Debbie Winfield Georga Diamonds01 Tryout dates
7/17/2013 James  storey 10u pickup
7/17/2013 Steve Harrison Need Two players in Lovejoy
7/15/2013 Spencer Bass Team looking to add player
7/14/2013 Johnathan Ball 03 Gamers looking for players
7/13/2013 Sharon  Pope Team manager
7/9/2013 R Bonnett Outlaws 14u tryouts.
7/9/2013 Crystal  Brown 16U/18U
7/8/2013 mike ferrell Strong player 12u
7/8/2013 Shawn Eslinger W. GA Crush '03 (10U) Looking for 4 Players
7/8/2013 Roger Lang Pick up pitcher for tournament 7/13
7/8/2013 Rick Hinrichs Tryouts - Team Invasion
7/3/2013 James  storey Looking to pickup 10u
7/1/2013 Jmmy Rouse shortstop or outfielder
6/28/2013 Kris Schwab Need Player to pickup on 06/29 for 12U team
6/27/2013 Weylin Torbush 01 Elite Aces
6/27/2013 Joe Brock 18A ASA Nationals in Salem, Virginia
6/26/2013 Michael Lunsford Team Ga 03 Open/Tryouts
6/25/2013 Amanda Ryle Open Practice
6/25/2013 Crystal  Brown 16U/18U
6/25/2013 Tim Lowery 10U team looking for players for 2014
6/24/2013 Leticia Radney 12u & 14u Collins Hill Elite Eagles Try Outs-New Coaches
6/24/2013 Britni Nix Team Combat 05'
6/24/2013 Shane Lee Pitcher Needed
6/23/2013 Jason Myers Looking to Add to our 14U Team
6/23/2013 Jeff  Jackson Synergy 04 tryouts
6/21/2013 David Battle 14U Lady Vipers
6/21/2013 David Battle 14U Lady Vipers
6/21/2013 Scott Rawls 12u 01 Catcher
6/19/2013 D W New 10U team looking for players
6/19/2013 Russ Rieske 04 GA Xtreme Open Practice Thursday
6/17/2013 Roger Lang 14u team needs 2 perm players
6/17/2013 Crystal Page Walton Co team looking for pick up players for tournament 6/29
6/14/2013 RODNEY MILSTID Georgia Renegades 99
6/12/2013 Britni Nix 8u needs a player
6/11/2013 David Dempsey 14u pitcher needed Saturday 06/15
6/11/2013 Adam Brandenburg 12u & 14u Tryout
6/10/2013 Crystal  Brown 18U tryouts
6/9/2013 jason boykin 12u try outs
6/9/2013 Anthony Thiel GA GIRLS 02 Tryout
6/7/2013 Scott Rawls 12u Pitcher needed
6/7/2013 Scott Rawls Looking for 12u 01 Pitcher for pickup
6/7/2013 David Powell 99 Pitcher Needed
6/6/2013 Terri Willis Blitz Pick-up Pitcher
6/6/2013 Shawn Eslinger West GA Crush '03 Looking for Additions
6/6/2013 Jmmy Rouse Team looking to fill Roster
6/5/2013 Shane Lee 14U Pitcher Needed
6/5/2013 Shane Lee 14U pitcher needed for 6/8
6/5/2013 Crystal  Brown 18U out of monroe, Ga
6/5/2013 Crystal  Brown 18U looking for a couple players for the 2013 season
6/5/2013 Crystal  Brown 18U looking for a couple players for the 2013 season
6/5/2013 ricky knowles Ga Girls Fastpitch 00 14U tryouts
6/4/2013 Brandy Ledford 12U Pitcher Needed
6/3/2013 Charlie Ross Snergy 2K3 needs a 2003 catcher
6/3/2013 Anthony Thiel GA GIRLS 02
5/29/2013 Lesley Jones stixx 14u catcher needed
5/29/2013 Jim  Ellington Need 16u/18u pitcher 6/1
5/29/2013 Terri Willis 14 U Blitz
5/28/2013 Brad Patterson Fusion Gold looking
5/27/2013 D W 04 pick up player
5/25/2013 David Dempsey 14u pitcher
5/24/2013 David Powell Need Pitchers
5/23/2013 ricky knowles CORRECTION
5/23/2013 Shane Lee 14U Pitcher Needed for 5/25 Carrollton
5/23/2013 Britni Nix 8u needs a player
5/23/2013 Chris S 14U Team Looking to Add Players
5/23/2013 Shane Lee 14U Pitcher Needed for Saturday in Carrollton
5/23/2013 Britni Nix 8u needs a player
5/22/2013 RONNIE JOHNSTON 5/25 Cordele OUTLAWS need a catcher or infielder
5/21/2013 Scott Rawls Pickup Player - Pitcher
5/20/2013 Michelle  Warren 10u eNVy looking
5/20/2013 David Dempsey Need pitcher for 14u on 6-8 call if interested
5/20/2013 Crystal  Brown looking for high school p/u for 5-25
5/20/2013 Jennifer White 02-03 Looking for catcher & utility player
5/18/2013 Tommy Smith 10U c team out of Jones county
5/18/2013 Tommy Smith 10U c team out of Jones county
5/15/2013 Jason Myers Jones County Travel Ball Team Looking
5/15/2013 kathy guin 00-01 pick up pitcher for 5/18
5/14/2013 jason boykin Chaos 02
5/13/2013 Chris Stamps 14U Team Looking for Players
5/13/2013 Brad Patterson Utility needed
5/9/2013 mike ferrell looking 4 catcher
5/5/2013 Jeff Lockaby 14u - 3rd Base Needed!!
5/1/2013 Sarah Register 12u pitcherand catcher needed this weekend
4/30/2013 Jeff Stallings Pitchers
4/29/2013 Jenna Blount New 8U Team looking for players
4/29/2013 Jeff Lockaby 14u Carrollton Classic
4/29/2013 Scott Rawls 12 u Pitcher
4/28/2013 Keith Nills 02 west ga extreme
4/27/2013 Billy Vandiver 00 Player Looking for a Team
4/26/2013 Brian  Duren Pitcher
4/25/2013 Raymond Hunt 16A looking to round out roster
4/25/2013 Jeff Stallings Looking for 18U Pitcher
4/25/2013 Greg  Harrell Utility player and Catcher Needed!
4/24/2013 Brian Lane 10u travel ball tryouts
4/21/2013 Jeff Lockaby 14u Carrollton Classic
4/21/2013 Jeff Lockaby 14U Carrollton Classic
4/21/2013 Jim Ellington Needing a couple of players 16U/18U
4/20/2013 Chris Dawson Lexington Lightning 12u Softball
4/17/2013 Brad Patterson Fusion Gold
4/17/2013 Jim Ellington Need outfielder 16/18 under
4/17/2013 Pruitt Wilder 14U Pitcher needed April 20
4/17/2013 Pruitt Wilder 14U Pitcher needed April 20
4/15/2013 Bert Martin 14U team looking for 2 players
4/15/2013 Jim Ellington need pick up 4/20 Lagrange
4/14/2013 Bill  Mayo Ga Renegades 14u
4/11/2013 Bill Mayo Ga. Renegades 14u
4/11/2013 Robert Campbell 12U Catcher Needed
4/10/2013 Johnny Moreland North Georgia NEON-10U looking for a pitcher
4/10/2013 Johnny Moreland North Georgia NEON - 10U looking for a pitcher
4/9/2013 Kris Gibson 8U Team looking for Players
4/7/2013 kathy guin Skilled/experienced level pitcher 12u
4/5/2013 Rocky Rockhold 6U tournament pickups
4/1/2013 Macon Trouble Macon Trouble 10U
3/31/2013 Jeff Lockaby 98 GA HEAT(A) Looking to Add
3/28/2013 Jessica Ross 10U Synergy
3/28/2013 Terry Hammonds 14U Georgia Toxic Softball
3/27/2013 Jeff Stallings 18U Looking for P, 2B and Outfielder
3/20/2013 Lesley Jones Stixx 14u in need of a pitcher
3/20/2013 Jeanne Quigley 12 U Player shortstop needed
3/20/2013 Lesley Jones Stixx 14u pitcher needed
3/20/2013 Scott Brown Ga Bandits 01 need 1 or 2
3/17/2013 Bobby Costlow 14U - B player KOM
3/12/2013 Sarah Register needed 10u pickup pitch
3/12/2013 Bryan Dobbs 14 Pitcher
3/12/2013 Brian  Duren Pick up pitcher March 16th
3/11/2013 STACY LASSETER Southern Pride 12u
3/6/2013 Neal Cromer 14/16u available for pickup
3/6/2013 ricky knowles GA Girls 00
3/6/2013 Spencer Bass Pitcher
3/5/2013 Sarah Register 12u players needed
3/5/2013 Brad Patterson Fusion Gold 14U looking
3/3/2013 James  storey 10u team integrity
3/3/2013 James  storey 10u pickup
3/2/2013 John Sanders 11 U player
2/24/2013 Derrick  Sorrow Ga Elite 12U
2/19/2013 jason boykin 10u player
2/19/2013 Jerry Swann Fusion 14U (Blue) looking for Catcher/Utility player
2/18/2013 Cody Johnson Need player
2/18/2013 Crystal  Brown 18U Chaos
2/12/2013 Jeff Lockaby 98 D.C. HEAT
2/12/2013 Hurricane GM 10U Ga Hurricanes seeking a pitcher
2/12/2013 kimberly moore pitcher needed
2/10/2013 Jami Hewes CAROLINA ELITE-Hewes 14U
2/10/2013 Bill Mayo Ga. Renegades 14u tryouts
2/8/2013 Chuck Goodwin 12u - 3rd Baseman/Catcher
2/7/2013 Tim Leicht Easton Elite 2000 Looking for player
2/6/2013 Don Clerici Braselton Area 12U Team
2/5/2013 Lesley Jones stixx 14u
2/4/2013 Bruno Scarborough Georgia Outlaws 10u
2/4/2013 Pruitt Wilder 14U Pitcher needed Feb 9th
2/3/2013 Jason Johnson Southern Mayhem 16U
2/3/2013 Rusty Gay South GA Team Looking for 13U
2/3/2013 Greg Harrison 8u georgia heat looking for 2 players
2/3/2013 Greg Harrison Ga heat looking for 2 players
1/30/2013 Neal Cromer 14U pitcher needed
1/29/2013 Terry Hammonds 14U Georgia Toxic Softball
1/29/2013 kimberly moore Ga Wolverines Try-outs
1/29/2013 Lisa Manning 16 U looking for a pitcher
1/29/2013 Adam Brandenburg 12u Tryout
1/29/2013 Adam Brandenburg South East Softball
1/29/2013 Matt Horne 10U N GA Connection Pitcher & Catcher Needed
1/28/2013 Jason Johnson Southern Mayhem
1/27/2013 Mike  Furlong 12u travel team needs 2-3 players
1/27/2013 J will 14 under Blitz
1/26/2013 Chris  Daniel 12U 01 Looking for Pitcher Seeking Lots of Mound team
1/25/2013 ricky knowles GA Girls
1/24/2013 Terry Hammonds Georgia Toxic Softball
1/24/2013 Rebecca Franker Open Tryouts 14u Ga Pressure
1/24/2013 Scott Newland Georgia Impact 02
1/23/2013 craig stanfield Angels 16u Looking for SOLID PITCHER
1/23/2013 Randy  Morrow 16U Tryout
1/23/2013 Drew Brewer 10U team looking for players
1/23/2013 Lane  Woodall 14U Lady Rockers in search of a skilled Catcher.
1/22/2013 Randy  Morrow 16U Tryout
1/22/2013 quentin singletary 12u looking to add 1 more
1/22/2013 Daniel  Teems TRYOUTS
1/22/2013 craig stanfield Looking For Solid Pitcher 16u A
1/21/2013 Rick Hinrichs 16U Tryouts
1/21/2013 Terry Hammonds Georgia Toxic
1/21/2013 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm
1/18/2013 Samantha Floyd 14U Fusion Blue -Pitcher-Outfielder-Catcher
1/18/2013 Bill Mayo Ga. Renegades 10u
1/16/2013 Dana Davis DC Heat 14u looking for pitcher and SS
1/16/2013 Tommy Cowart MC Heat 14u looking to finalize roster
1/16/2013 ricky knowles GA Girls
1/15/2013 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Players 16U
1/15/2013 Eric Osborne Looking for starting 16u pitcher
1/15/2013 Scott Mackey vipers 12u
1/14/2013 Matt Horne 10U Tryouts 1/20/13 in Gainesville, GA
1/14/2013 Jerry  Darnell NV 14 & Under Tryouts
1/14/2013 Jim Ellington 16U looking for 1 more
1/14/2013 jay bellflower 12u South GA Recoil Looking for an outfielder/middle infielder
1/13/2013 Lesley Jones 14u stixx
1/13/2013 Geno Ussery 16U looking for outfielder
1/12/2013 Geno Ussery 16U looking for outfielder
1/9/2013 Jeff Lockaby D.C. HEAT 14u looking for pitcher, and ss
1/8/2013 Tim Cawthon looking for 12U pitcher/utility player
1/6/2013 Jennifer  Edmondson Gamers 03 looking for starting pitcher
1/6/2013 Neal Cromer Pitcher needed
1/5/2013 Scott Mackey Vipers 16u
1/4/2013 Scot Smith 8u Georgia heat looking for 2 players
1/4/2013 Rick Hinrichs 16U Tryouts - Georgia Arsenal
1/4/2013 Jmmy Rouse JC 12u team looking for player
1/4/2013 Derrick  Sorrow Ga Elite 12u
1/4/2013 Waylon Weatherford Southern Mayhem 12U
1/3/2013 Michelle  Warren NV Fastpitch
1/2/2013 Jerry Swann Fusion 14U (Blue) Looking for Select few spots
1/1/2013 Geno Ussery 16U looking for a few
12/30/2012 Brent Galloway Coach Brent Galloway
12/26/2012 richard bridgeman Macon Dynamite 10u
12/24/2012 Lesley Jones stixx 14u tryouts
12/14/2012 Bill Mayo Ga. renegades 10u tryouts
12/12/2012 Geno Ussery 16U looking for catcher & shortstop
12/11/2012 Geno Ussery 16U looking for catcher & shortstop
12/11/2012 kathy guin 10U catcher & pitcher CSRA FORCE needed
12/10/2012 Flames Coach 16U Flames looking to add 2 more
12/9/2012 Waylon Weatherford Southern Mayhem 12U
12/8/2012 Joseph Wilson CHAOS 10U
12/5/2012 Bill Mayo Ga. Renegades 10u
12/5/2012 Jim Ellington Needing a couple of players
12/5/2012 Rocky Rockhold Looking for 6U w/ expeience
12/2/2012 Todd Hayes Georgia Shakedown '00
11/28/2012 Garrett Fowler 99' CSRA Force Winter Tryout (10/15)
11/28/2012 Matt Horne 10U Tryouts 12/15 in Comer, GA
11/26/2012 Keith Conway 2000 team looking
11/26/2012 Macon Trouble Macon Trouble
11/26/2012 Macon Trouble Macon Trouble
11/24/2012 Hurricane GM 16U Hurricanes need 3 strong players!!
11/21/2012 Matt Horne 14U Team Tryouts Dec. 8 in Winder, GA
11/19/2012 Billy Skinner 14u Knuckleheads tryouts
11/19/2012 Robert Reese Venom Softball 14U
11/13/2012 Valerie Brown Looking for Spring Roster Players Pitcher/Utility
11/12/2012 Chris Smith Georgia Pride 10U searching...
11/11/2012 Chris Stamps 14U Ola Titans
11/11/2012 Geno Ussery 16U looking for catcher & shortstop
11/10/2012 Terry Hammonds 98 or 99 birthday
11/9/2012 jody wilson Georgia Misfits 12u looking for solid girls!
11/8/2012 Chris Waters 10u Wildfire looking for players
11/8/2012 Chris  Daniel Looking for 01 PITCHER
11/8/2012 GA Renegades GA Renegades 12U
11/8/2012 Valerie Brown GA Breakers looking for Spring Players
11/8/2012 Valerie Brown GA Breakers 02 Looking for Spring
11/8/2012 RODNEY MILSTID Renedages
11/7/2012 RONNIE JOHNSTON 14U pickup pitcher and outfielder needed this weekend in cordele
11/5/2012 Michelle  Warren NV Fastpitch tryouts
11/5/2012 jody wilson Georgia Misfits 12u B looking for girls
11/1/2012 Travel Ball GIRLS WANTED! *12U Team*
11/1/2012 Rebecca Franker Pickup Pitcher for Nov. 3
11/1/2012 hollie nepveux 10U Player Tryouts for Spring
11/1/2012 Joe Brock Catcher - Xtreme Whippets 18U
10/31/2012 Jim  Ellington Looking for players 16u/18u
10/29/2012 Bryan Dobbs First year 14u B needs a pitcher
10/29/2012 Jeanne Quigley 10 U/12U ,16/18
10/26/2012 Daniel  Teems 98 Duluth Wildcats
10/26/2012 Grady Pollard 18A Looking for Pitcher
10/25/2012 Wes Jenkins 12u South Ga Recoil Still looking!!!
10/23/2012 Jim Jowers Tanel 360 Bandits 14U Tryouts
10/23/2012 SHANE JOHNSON GA THUNDER 04 looking for 2 players
10/22/2012 Joseph Wilson CHAOS 10U and 12U
10/22/2012 Steve Stout 2000 or 2001 Pitcher needed
10/22/2012 Jerry Swann Fusion 14U (Blue) looking for Pitcher & Third Baseman
10/21/2012 Jason Johnson 3 Strong B players needed
10/21/2012 Jason Johnson 3 players needed for 99 14u team
10/18/2012 Jim  Ellington 16U/Highschool players needed
10/18/2012 Gary  Miller Renegades Tryouts
10/18/2012 Derek Hutcheson 10U Team looking for pitcher
10/17/2012 Yvette Samuel GC-14u
10/16/2012 David Burgamy 2000 Team Looking for Players
10/16/2012 Jeromy Song 2000
10/16/2012 Chris Smith GA Pride looking for a 02-03 pitcher to add to Championship Team
10/16/2012 Wes Barnhart GA Select 04 and 05
10/15/2012 Terri Willis 14 U Blitz
10/14/2012 Michelle  Warren NV Fastpitch
10/14/2012 Eric Osborne Southern Rage 16u open tryouts Oct. 21 Dublin,Ga.
10/14/2012 chris cook chris cook
10/11/2012 Crystal Brown 18U Tryouts
10/11/2012 jay bellflower Pitcher Needed!!!!!!
10/10/2012 Darrin Phillips 10U Pitcher/Utility Needed for Oct 13th in Winder
10/9/2012 Joseph Wilson CHAOS 10U South GA, Valdosta area
10/9/2012 Jim  Ellington 16U Tryouts
10/8/2012 Spencer Bass Pitcher Needed
10/8/2012 Jeanne Quigley 10U and 12 U try-outs for Columbus Storm
10/8/2012 Amanda Ryle 8u GA Thunder 05 Tryouts
10/8/2012 Amanda Ryle GA Thunder 05 Tryouts!
10/8/2012 Michelle  Warren NV Fastpitch
10/8/2012 kathy guin 12U CSRA FORCE PITCHER'S & CATCHER'S NEEDED
10/7/2012 Matt Horne 10U Pitcher Needed For Oct. 13th in Winder
10/5/2012 Jessica Ross 10u Tryouts
10/5/2012 Jessica Ross Tryouts
10/1/2012 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Pitcher
10/1/2012 Scott Mackey Vipers 14u
9/30/2012 chris Buffington Ga.Heat
9/28/2012 Chris Gaither 14u tryouts
9/27/2012 ted tillery 8u players
9/26/2012 Geno Ussery 16U Ga. Militia looking for players
9/26/2012 Neal Cromer 14U PITCHER
9/26/2012 Jim  Ellington 16-U Looking for players
9/26/2012 Jerry Swann Fusion 14U (Blue) looking for Pitcher & Catcher/Utility Player
9/25/2012 Josh Wooten Hitmen looking for pickup 13u pitcher (usssa b day)
9/25/2012 Scott Mackey Vipers 14u
9/25/2012 Jerry Swann Fusion 14U (Blue) looking for Pitcher & Catcher/Utility Player
9/24/2012 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm 12U Try-outs
9/24/2012 Chris Smith 10U Georgia Pride looking for a 2002 Pitcher
9/23/2012 Chris Gaither OutKast
9/20/2012 rebecca perry 14u or 16u
9/19/2012 RODNEY MILSTID 98 or 99 Pitcher
9/18/2012 Neal Cromer 10U and 14U Team Integrity tryouts
9/16/2012 Bill Mayo 14u pitcher
9/16/2012 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Outfielder
9/16/2012 Michelle  Warren NV Fastpitch
9/13/2012 Holly Southerland South GA Hurricanes 14U Tryouts this weekend
9/12/2012 David Stowers 14u team looking
9/11/2012 Jeff  Jackson SYNERGY 8U TRYOUTS
9/11/2012 Terri Willis 14 Under
9/10/2012 Neal Cromer 10U 12U 14U Team Integrity tryouts
9/9/2012 Chuck Parkerson 99 Tanel 360 Tryouts/Clinic
9/7/2012 ted tillery 8u pickup needed
9/6/2012 Geno Ussery Looking for a catcher 16U
9/5/2012 John Stroud 96 Lady Bandits/Looking for pitcher
9/4/2012 Holly Southerland South GA Hurricanes 14U Tryouts
8/31/2012 Alan Wainwright Ga. Nitro 16-A Tryout Time Change!!
8/31/2012 David  Stream Hot shots 12 u tryouts
8/30/2012 Neal Cromer Team Integrity 10U, 12U, and 14U tryouts
8/28/2012 tim lynn 12U PITCHER NEEDED ASAP
8/27/2012 Tom Panebianco 14U Lady Tigers
8/27/2012 Chris Smith ...Not a Belly Itcher
8/25/2012 Hurricane GM Ga Hurricanes 16u tryouts Sunday the 26th
8/22/2012 Neal Cromer Team Integrity 14U Open Tryouts
8/21/2012 Geno Ussery 16U New MID GA team
8/21/2012 charlie ross 10u Synergy needs pitchers
8/21/2012 sam sapp 8u swat
8/21/2012 sam sapp 8u SWAT
8/20/2012 Jenna Blount New 10U looking for players
8/20/2012 Hurricane GM Ga Hurricanes 16u tryouts August 26th
8/20/2012 Wes Jenkins South Ga Recoil Tryouts
8/20/2012 Wes Jenkins South GA Recoil 12U & 14u Tryouts
8/20/2012 RODNEY MILSTID Columbus Challengers 14U
8/19/2012 Rick Hinrichs Elite Gamer Tryouts
8/17/2012 Jeff  Jackson Senergy 8U tryouts
8/17/2012 Wayne Briscoe 10U Ga ICE looking for 1 or to 2 solid players
8/17/2012 John Stroud 96 Lady Bandits (Tryouts)
8/16/2012 Grady Pollard Mid Georgia Panthers 18A Tryouts
8/16/2012 Chuck Parkerson 99 Tanel bandits Tryouts
8/16/2012 Michelle  Warren 14u HuStLeR$
8/16/2012 Payton Powell Motion Fastpitch 14U Open Tryouts- Sunday August 19th, 2012
8/15/2012 Tommy Cowart 14u High
8/14/2012 Bill Mayo Columbus Storm 14u
8/14/2012 Bert Martin Open Tryouts 12uand 10u
8/14/2012 Holly Southerland South GA Hurricanes 14U tryouts
8/13/2012 Sherrie Leverett Strong 16U Team looking to complete roster
8/13/2012 tim lynn 99 CATCHER NEEDED ASAP
8/13/2012 Payton Powell 14U Motion Tryouts- August 19th, 2012
8/12/2012 Lisa Myers 14U Team
8/11/2012 Hurricane GM Ga Hurricanes 16u tryouts
8/10/2012 Ga. Khaos 18U Ga. Khaos (Blue) Tryouts
8/9/2012 Geno Ussery 16U new MID GA team
8/8/2012 Payton Powell Open Tryout - Motion Fastpitch 14U – Sunday 08/19/2012
8/8/2012 Shane Lee 14U Xtreme Softball Looking for You.
8/8/2012 Chris Smith Georgia Pride 10U looking for 2
8/7/2012 Payton Powell Open Tryout - Motion Fastpitch 14U – Sunday 08/19/2012
8/7/2012 Tommy Cowart MC Heat 14u seeking pitcher and catcher
8/6/2012 jason boykin CHAOS 10u Tryouts
8/6/2012 Tommy Cowart MC Heat 14u seeking pitcher
8/5/2012 Spencer Bass Sassy Bats 01
8/5/2012 Gary  Taylor Rage 12U Open Workouts/Tryouts
8/5/2012 Wes Jenkins South Ga Recoil 14u Tryouts
8/5/2012 Hurricane GM 16u team seeking A or strong B level players
8/4/2012 David Stowers Georgia Pressure organizational try-outs
8/3/2012 DAVID HALL 2012-2013 18u Chaoz
8/3/2012 Alan Wainwright Ga. Nitro 16-U
8/1/2012 Rick Hinrichs Elite Gamer Tryouts
7/31/2012 David Stowers Georgia Pressure organizational try-outs
7/31/2012 kimberly moore Ga wolverines looking for pitcher
7/31/2012 Holly Southerland 14U Tryouts South GA Hurricanes
7/30/2012 Bert Martin Griffin Rage 10u & 12u Tryouts
7/27/2012 RODNEY MILSTID 14U Challengers
7/25/2012 tim lynn PEACHES 12U TRYOUTS
7/25/2012 jason boykin Chaos 10u tryouts
7/24/2012 Werner  Bandows 10U Team Try-Outs
7/23/2012 Flames Coach 16U Tryouts
7/21/2012 mike ferrell catcher or pitcher
7/20/2012 Ray Mitchell 14U Try-Outs Sunday July 29th
7/20/2012 Ray Mitchell Try-Outs '98 14U for 2012/2013 Season
7/19/2012 Shaun Gleason USSSA GA Pride Tryouts
7/19/2012 Chuck Reyome 01 Elite Gamers Tryouts
7/19/2012 John Swanner Tryouts
7/18/2012 Michael Lunsford Team GA 03 loganville,Ga based
7/18/2012 Michelle  Warren Crush14u
7/17/2012 greg faulk Needing 00 pitcher
7/17/2012 Michelle  Warren Crush14u
7/17/2012 Kara Mosel GA Xtreme 01 Tryouts
7/17/2012 Kara Mosel GA Xtreme 01 Tryouts
7/13/2012 Michelle  Warren Crush tryouts 14u
7/13/2012 Jerry Swann Fusion 14U (Blue) Tryouts
7/12/2012 Phyllis Browning GA NITROS 14U
7/12/2012 Hurricane GM 16B team seeking strong players
7/11/2012 jimmy adcock 12U North GA Rejectz Tryouts
7/10/2012 tim lynn 12U TRAVEL TEAM
7/10/2012 Brad Patterson looking for players
7/9/2012 hernandez parker Need pitcher this weekend
7/9/2012 Daniel Kirkendall TEAM academy camp and tryout
7/8/2012 Daniel Sullivan Southern Havoc 12u Tryouts!
7/5/2012 Titan  Trimble Georgia Quest 10u Tryouts
7/5/2012 tim lynn 12U TRAVEL TEAM
7/3/2012 Coach S Starting Catcher needed for ENTIRE SEASON
7/3/2012 Joe Brock 16U Team Needs 3 Players for This Weekend
7/2/2012 RODNEY MILSTID Strong 14U team
7/2/2012 Flames Coach 16u Tryouts
7/1/2012 Michelle  Warren 14u Pitcher
7/1/2012 Garner Andrews Midway Thrashers 12u try-outs
6/29/2012 Kris  Gibson Team in Warner Robins looking for 8U players
6/27/2012 jason boykin chaos tryouts 10u
6/25/2012 Johnny Moreland New North Gwinnett Team - 2002 - 10U
6/24/2012 Bill Mayo #1 12u pitcher
6/22/2012 Keith Conway Pitcher/ SS needed
6/22/2012 Amey Moses 8u McDonough, GA
6/21/2012 ted tillery 8u pickup need for 6/30
6/21/2012 Scott Meyer Need a U16 pick up player
6/20/2012 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm 12 Try-outs
6/20/2012 Jeanne Quigley Columbus Storm 12U Try-out
6/20/2012 Amey Moses 8u team out of McDonough, GA
6/20/2012 Barry Smith Looking to pick up with a 12U or 14U
6/18/2012 ted tillery 8u Ga Knockouts tryouts
6/18/2012 Bill Mayo 12u catcher needed
6/18/2012 Jeff Geter 10U and 12U FC Blitz Tryouts
6/17/2012 Hannah Davis Pickup for June 23.
6/17/2012 Chad  Sheffield BOMBERS
6/15/2012 Melissa Camp 8U-16U GA Breakers Tryouts
6/13/2012 Coach S Starting Catcher needed for 6/16 in Lovejoy
6/13/2012 Flames Coach South Forsyth Flames Tryouts - 16U
6/12/2012 Brad Patterson Looking for a utility player
6/11/2012 Hurricane GM 16u Lady Hurricanes tryouts
6/7/2012 jason boykin 10 u players needed foe 2013
6/5/2012 jennifer kohl pick up 6/9/12
6/5/2012 Brad McCarthy 12u Guest Pitcher needed 16-17/Tallahassee
6/4/2012 RODNEY MILSTID 2013 14A Tryouts.
6/3/2012 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher Needed June 9th
5/30/2012 Kelly Browning looking to pick up
5/30/2012 hernandez parker Need pitcher 6/2
5/29/2012 Kim  Dale looking to pickup 6/2
5/29/2012 jason boykin 10u live pitch
5/28/2012 jason boykin 10 u players needed
5/26/2012 Chad  Sheffield 8u team
5/25/2012 Amy Merrill Qualified for ASA Nationals, looking for pitcher
5/23/2012 Coach S New Location & Time for Tryouts
5/22/2012 Shannon Watson Open Tryouts
5/21/2012 Jim  Ellington Looking for a Pitcher 16-U
5/20/2012 Coach S 14U Team Looking for Players
5/16/2012 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher needed 5-19
5/15/2012 Pam Skinner 14U pitcher
5/15/2012 jeff  whitlock 16U pitcher
5/14/2012 Diane King 12U team looking for pitcher &/or middle infielder
5/13/2012 Andrew Bourke Need two 16U UT
5/13/2012 Andrew Bourke Need two 16U UT
5/12/2012 Joseph Wilson 10U player needed for May 19th and 26th
5/11/2012 Mary Barron 10u looking for two
5/9/2012 Coach S South GA Mustangs Tryouts
5/9/2012 Phyllis Browning Coach WD
5/9/2012 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Players
5/6/2012 Tommy Cowart Looking to pick up 12u outfielder/utility for 5/12
5/3/2012 Jim  Ellington Pickup pitcher needed 16-U
5/3/2012 richard bridgeman new 10u team
5/2/2012 Amber Thomas 12 U
5/1/2012 Eric Osborne Building an A team open tryouts/practice 05/06
5/1/2012 Tommy Cowart 12u pickup catcher needed 5/5
5/1/2012 Jonboy Jonboy pick up needed may 5th
5/1/2012 Niki Turner Griffin Rage 12U - all positions
4/30/2012 Jim  Ellington need pick up pitcher
4/29/2012 Rick Hinrichs Catcher and SS needed
4/26/2012 Rodney Risper 16U Jr Pride looking for pitching
4/26/2012 Joe Grimes 16u pickup players for the Viper Open
4/25/2012 Joe Grimes 16A looking for Pitcher and UT
4/25/2012 hernandez parker Ga Crusaders need pitcher
4/24/2012 Georgia Nitro Looking for 16U Players
4/24/2012 Bill Mayo 12 back up catcher/utility
4/23/2012 Joey Tye 97 Georgia Pressure Looking for a stromg SS or Catcher
4/23/2012 Eric Osborne 14u starting pitcher needed 4/28-4/29
4/23/2012 Jim  Ellington pick-up Shortstop needed
4/22/2012 Payton Powell 12U Motion Fastpitch looking for Utility Player
4/22/2012 Joe Grimes 16U Pitcher and UT
4/21/2012 Mike Ferguson Peachtree City Poison ( High School Division)
4/20/2012 Eric Osborne Need A 14u pick up.catcher or utility Sat. 4/21
4/20/2012 Brent Loftin GA Scream 10U Looking for Pitcher
4/19/2012 kay Barnett pitcher and 3rd baseman
4/18/2012 Jason Scott 12U Team looking to add a couple good ATHLETE'S to our roster
4/17/2012 Georgia Nitro 16U team looking for players
4/17/2012 Coach S 14U Mustangs Looking for a player
4/16/2012 Kris  Gibson 8U players Needed
4/15/2012 Mary Barron 10 u team looking for player
4/15/2012 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher needed April 21and 22
4/12/2012 Eddie Boshears PU Player Wanted
4/11/2012 ted tillery 8u player needed
4/10/2012 Coach S Mustangs Fast-Pitch 14U
4/9/2012 Matt Horne 14U Mad Batterz looking for a pitcher
4/9/2012 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher Needed for April 14th
4/6/2012 Keith Smith Need player for 12U team
4/6/2012 Brad McCarthy Need 12u Pitcher 4/14
4/6/2012 Niki Turner Pick Up 12U Pitcher for 4/21 in Fayetteville
4/4/2012 Betsy Thomas Southern Crush
4/4/2012 Brad McCarthy USSSA Ga Pride 99 Seeks
4/1/2012 Joey Tye Georgia Pressure 97 Looking for a Catcher or Shortstop
4/1/2012 Roger Alford Head coach
4/1/2012 Diane King 12U Team looking for 1-2 more
3/31/2012 Joey Tye Georgia Pressure 97 Looking for strong Catcher
3/31/2012 Lisa Myers Start Up Team
3/31/2012 Lisa Myers Start up Team
3/31/2012 Coach S 14U Team Looking for Players
3/30/2012 RONNIE BRANNON 12 and under
3/29/2012 Tim Amee 10u tryout.s friday night the 30th.
3/29/2012 Eric Osborne Need a starting pitcher and utility player for 3/31
3/28/2012 Roger Alford Head Coach
3/28/2012 RODNEY MILSTID Columbus Storm 14U Pitcher
3/27/2012 David Thacker Pick up player needed
3/27/2012 chuck bates col storm 14u looking for strong pitcher
3/27/2012 Niki Turner 12U Pitcher needed for 4/21
3/27/2012 Byron Hopper 12u pitcher needed for 3/31 in Lovejoy
3/26/2012 Geno Ussery Need 3rd baseman & center fielder
3/25/2012 Brad McCarthy 12u Guest Pitcher & Middle Infielder needed 31 – 1/Valdosta, GA 7GG
3/23/2012 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher Needed for March 31
3/22/2012 Jim Ellington Need pick up PITCHER
3/22/2012 April Hamby 98 PLAYER
3/21/2012 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher Needed for March 31
3/20/2012 Joe  Wright P/U Catcher Needed for KOM
3/19/2012 Holly Southerland Looking for 14U Catcher
3/17/2012 Scott Meyer Looking for two players
3/16/2012 Scott Meyer Need two players.
3/14/2012 Keith Smith 12U Pickup player needed 3/17
3/14/2012 Georgia  Outkasts Looking for a Pitcher and/or Catcher 16U
3/14/2012 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Pitcher and Catcher 3-17
3/13/2012 Pam Skinner Looking for 14U pitcher
3/13/2012 Stephen Green 12U Pick Up pitcher 3/17
3/12/2012 David Thacker 97 Mizuno Wizards
3/12/2012 David Thacker 97 Mizuno Wizards
3/12/2012 Pam Skinner Looking for 14U pitcher
3/7/2012 Eric Osborne Looking for 14u starting pitcher
3/7/2012 Tommy Brannon Blue Thunder 14-u
3/7/2012 Betsy Thomas 10U pitcher needed for pickup 3-10 and 3-17
3/6/2012 Scott Mills Looking for a 14u team that needs a everyday infielder .
3/5/2012 Tommie Snerley Pick-Up Pitcher 03-10-12
3/5/2012 Brent Loftin GA SCREAM WHITE 14U TRYOUTS
2/27/2012 Eric Osborne Looking for starting pitcher for this weekend
2/27/2012 Sarah Register Open Tryouts 10u and 12u teams in Schely County
2/23/2012 Stephen Green 12U Pitcher needed
2/22/2012 Eddie Boshears Catcher & Outfielder Needed Immediately.
2/20/2012 David Stowers Looking for a pitcher
2/20/2012 Geno Ussery 16U looking for catcher
2/20/2012 Fast Pitch 10u looking to add 1 more!
2/19/2012 Keith Taylor Taylor
2/17/2012 Mike Ferguson Peachtree City Poison (High School Division)
2/17/2012 Birdie Stoddard tryouts
2/15/2012 Keith Taylor TAYLOR
2/14/2012 Kevin Erwin 14U Pitcher/Utility Player Wanted
2/13/2012 Eric Osborne 14u players wanted
2/13/2012 Betsy Thomas Pitcher needed 10U
2/13/2012 Kevin Erwin 97 A Team looking for 1 more pitcher
2/11/2012 Sarah Register FUSION 10U TRYOUTS CANCELLED
2/11/2012 Rick Hinrichs Looking for players
2/9/2012 Mike Ferguson Peachtree City Poison ( High School Division)
2/9/2012 Sarah Register 10u Fusion tryouts
2/9/2012 Sarah Register 10u fusion tryouts
2/9/2012 S Edge 10u Team Looking for Players
2/9/2012 Eddie Boshears Experienced Backup Catcher & Outfielder Needed.
2/6/2012 Joey Tye 97 Ga Pressure need 1 or 2
2/4/2012 Chris Mitchell 2nd 14U team looking for another pitcher, etc.
2/3/2012 Jim DeLoach 14U Utility
2/3/2012 Sam Hunt 16u looking for some good players
2/2/2012 Keith Smith Forsyth Fusion 12u (Mid-Ga)
2/2/2012 Chris Gaither 12u softball
2/2/2012 Rick Hinrichs Open Practice Saturday Feb. 4th
2/2/2012 mike vickery VPC Lady X-terminators 16U
2/2/2012 mike vickery 16u Vpc Lady Exterminators Commerce Ga
2/1/2012 Sarah Register Try out 10u Fusion
2/1/2012 Venom Coach 16U Catcher Needed
1/31/2012 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Players
1/31/2012 Ken Godfrey Class act 16u team needs pitcher
1/30/2012 Fast Pitch 10u
1/30/2012 Daniel Howard 12U High B-Level Team
1/29/2012 robert roberson players needed
1/27/2012 bobby sullivan have 3 spots open
1/25/2012 Jeff Rutledge Macon Noise '99 - A+ Catcher Wanted
1/25/2012 Titan  Trimble Looking for an 02 pitcher
1/25/2012 Ken Godfrey 16u Team ELITE is looking for one more great pitcher
1/24/2012 Scott harpe #1 PITCHER NEEDED
1/24/2012 mike barrett 14u pitcher
1/24/2012 Matt Horne Commerce Crush (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U)
1/23/2012 Donald  Hooper Renegades 14U Tryouts
1/23/2012 Rick Hinrichs 16U Gamer tryouts
1/20/2012 Eddie Heaton Mid Ga Storm 14u
1/20/2012 Betsy Thomas 10U pitcher needed
1/19/2012 Werner  Bandows Looking for a #1
1/19/2012 Lee  Akins Looking for player for 12U
1/19/2012 Rene Rubio Columbus Storm 14U OF/C
1/19/2012 Rene Rubio Columbus Storm 14U OF/C
1/18/2012 Jim Ellington 16-U Ga Backdraft looking for a pitcher
1/18/2012 Lane  Woodall 99 Lady Rockers needing a Pitcher
1/18/2012 Lane  Woodall 99 Lady Rockers - Needs Pitcher
1/18/2012 Keith Smith Are you a catcher? Play with us for $0 in dues
1/17/2012 Mike Brannon 12U team looking for players
1/16/2012 Larry Drake 14U Mid Ga Storm Tryouts
1/16/2012 Larry Drake 14U Mid Georgia Storm Tryouts
1/16/2012 Eddie Boshears 2 Outfielders' Spots Open
1/16/2012 Mike Ferguson PTC Poison
1/16/2012 Eddie Heaton Middle GA Storm 14u
1/15/2012 Bill Mayo 12u utility / catcher needed
1/11/2012 victor mizell 14u pitcher and utility player needed
1/9/2012 Betsy Thomas Pitchers Needed for 10U
1/9/2012 DAVID HALL Chaoz 16-u looking for catcher.
1/8/2012 Steve  Stout 16U Georgia Bombers Tryouts - Warner Robins
1/8/2012 Ga. Khaos 16U Looking for one more
1/7/2012 Fran Latner Serious inquires only...
1/5/2012 Jason Scott Bomb Squad 12u tryouts
1/5/2012 Donald  Hooper Renegades 14U Tryouts
1/1/2012 Rick Hinrichs Elite Gamers 16U Tryouts
12/27/2011 Bill Mayo Storm 12u tryouts
12/25/2011 Jerry Swann FUSION 12U IS LOOKING
12/20/2011 Bill Mayo 12u Pitcher Opening
12/19/2011 Charles Thompson 16U Georgia Arsenal is the team for You!!
12/15/2011 Eric  Allen Dublin Divas Softball 10-U Holding Try-outs 1-7-12
12/14/2011 Brad Patterson FUSION 14U LOOKING
12/13/2011 Jarod Lovett 10u Team in Forsyth / Monroe County
12/13/2011 Joseph Wilson CHAOS 10U
12/12/2011 Bill Mayo 12u Tryouts
12/12/2011 Scott harpe 10u PITCHER and UTILITY PLAYER NEEDED
12/10/2011 Keith Smith Forsyth Fusion 12U looking to add 2
12/9/2011 Eddie Boshears Pitcher/Outfielder Spot Open
12/9/2011 Brent Loftin GA SCREAM 10U Looking for players
12/8/2011 Eric  Allen Dublin Divas 10-U Holding Tryouts
12/7/2011 Brad Patterson FUSION 14U LOOKING FOR A PITCHER
12/1/2011 Wes Jenkins South GA Recoil 12u pitcher
11/29/2011 Brad McCarthy Team Combat Looking for 2 more
11/28/2011 Tim Amee 10u and 16u West Ga THUNDER..
11/27/2011 Joseph Wilson CHAOS 10U
11/23/2011 Guy Mosteller 12U Pitcher
11/23/2011 Brad Patterson looking for a pitcher
11/21/2011 Bill Mayo Columbus Storm 12u
11/20/2011 Ga. Khaos Looking for a 16U pitcher
11/19/2011 Charles Thompson Try Outs
11/15/2011 james burrows pitcher and a catcher
11/15/2011 Keith Conway 00 Pitcher needed
11/15/2011 Geno Ussery Looking for #1 pitcher
11/11/2011 Eddie Hammond THE Middle Ga. Storm 14U
11/9/2011 Fast Pitch TinBender 10u
11/7/2011 Shannon Miller Xtreme Combat 10u Looking to fill roster
11/7/2011 Marty Brownlee Tryouts
11/6/2011 Marty Brownlee Tryouts
11/3/2011 Anthony Thiel Additional 10U Pitcher...
11/2/2011 Chuck  Dagley Venom Softball...A Winning Tradition
11/1/2011 chuck bates col storm 14u looking pitchers
10/31/2011 Eddie Heaton Eddie Heaton
10/31/2011 Patrick McDermott Columbus Storm 12U and 18U Looking
10/30/2011 Jim Jolly 18U Georgia Khaos Green
10/27/2011 Ken Godfrey Team ELITE 14u and 16u is looking for pitchers
10/26/2011 Chuck  Dagley Utility Player needed
10/26/2011 Brent Loftin GA Scream 10u & 12u Tryouts
10/25/2011 Brent Loftin GA Scream 10u & 12u Tryouts
10/24/2011 Sherrie Leverett Cordele CraZe
10/19/2011 John Sanders Looking for 12u players
10/17/2011 Bill Mayo 12u pickup pitcher needed 10/22
10/13/2011 Chuck Reyome 10U Catcher Needed
10/13/2011 keith longmire 10 team baden
10/12/2011 Chuck Reyome Need Catcher
10/12/2011 Roger Taylor 10 U Pitcher
10/11/2011 Matt Greene South Ga. Pitchers
10/11/2011 Matt Greene South Ga. Crush
10/11/2011 Mike Ferguson Naturals Softball
10/10/2011 Keith Smith Needing 2 pickup players for Oct 15
10/10/2011 April Hamby Georgia 14U Castaways Tryouts
10/10/2011 April Hamby Castaways 14U
10/10/2011 Raymond Hunt Southern Elite
10/9/2011 Jason Scott 12U Team looking for 2 more girls
10/8/2011 Ga. Khaos Looking for a 16U pitcher
10/6/2011 Brad Patterson taylor fusion14u looking for a catcher on the 15th
10/6/2011 Tim Amee 16u team still needs a pitcher and catcher.
10/4/2011 Eddie Boshears Pitchers Needed
10/3/2011 Tim Smith 16U team needs a little help......
10/2/2011 steve busbee 97 Macon Elite Looking for players
9/28/2011 Raymond Hunt Southern Elite
9/25/2011 Bill Mayo 12u pickup pitcher needed
9/24/2011 Lance Deaton 14U Players / Lady Copperheads
9/21/2011 Tim  Sharpe Jets 10u
9/21/2011 Tim Cawthon Pictcher needed for a 12U team
9/20/2011 Rick Hinrichs Looking for 2 More
9/19/2011 April Hamby Georgia 14U Castaways Tryouts
9/19/2011 Eddie Hammond The Middle Ga. Storm 14U
9/14/2011 Sherrie Leverett NEW 12U TEAM TRY OUTS
9/13/2011 Joey Tye Looking for a few Strong Players
9/13/2011 Bo Duncan Strong pitcher needed
9/12/2011 steve busbee 97 Macon Elite
9/12/2011 Lance Smith Renegades 16u A open tryout
9/9/2011 robert reese Venom Softball
9/8/2011 Steve Epps 18U NEED MORE PLAYERS
9/7/2011 Rick Hinrichs 14U Gamers Tryouts
9/6/2011 Fast Pitch TinBenders 10u
9/6/2011 Rick Hinrichs 16U Gamers Tryouts Canceled
9/6/2011 steve busbee 97 Macon Elite
9/3/2011 Pat McDermott Storm 14 & 16u tryouts
9/3/2011 Pat McDermott Storm 14 & 16u tryouts
9/1/2011 Chandra Wood 00 Pitcher and Catcher Needed
9/1/2011 Mike Ferguson Naturals Softball
8/31/2011 Jerry Swann 12U Fusion looking for Pitcher & Catcher
8/31/2011 hernandez parker Georgia Crusaders 18uA loooking
8/30/2011 Chandra Wood 00 Pitcher and Catcher Needed
8/29/2011 Eric Osborne Southern Rage 16u Tryouts
8/29/2011 Jason Scott 12u team looking for players
8/29/2011 Jason Scott 12U TEAM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS
8/29/2011 jerry Scholtes Looking for pitchers
8/27/2011 Melissa Dodd 99 GA Jinx Looking for a #1 Catcher!
8/27/2011 jim Whitaker Middle Ga Bombers
8/25/2011 Chris Mitchell 14U PITCHERS & OTHER POSITIONS NEEDED
8/24/2011 Keith Smith 12U Mid-Ga team (Monroe Co) looking for one player
8/23/2011 Jeff Rutledge Macon Noise ('99) Try-Outs
8/22/2011 Eddie Boshears Pitcher Spot Open
8/22/2011 Bill Mayo 12u pitcher
8/21/2011 Venom Coach 14U SWAG Fastpitch Looking...
8/12/2011 Joe Brock Xtreme Whippets Open Tryouts August 21
8/12/2011 Steve Carithers 16U 96 Bandits Try-outs 8/20
8/10/2011 Jeff Rutledge Macon Noise 12U Try-Outs!
8/8/2011 Keith Smith Middle Ga 12U team
8/7/2011 Spencer Bass Sassy Bats 10u
8/5/2011 Keith Smith Middle Ga 12U team
8/5/2011 Steve Epps TRYOUTS
8/3/2011 Betsy Thomas 10U Pitcher needed
8/3/2011 Mike  Moore
8/2/2011 morvet davis GEORGIA CRUSADERS 14U TRYOUTS
8/1/2011 Dwayne Smith GA OBSESSION 14U TRYOUTS
7/30/2011 Steve Epps TRYOUTS
7/29/2011 Jeff Takac Diamond Bears 12U
7/28/2011 Rick Hinrichs 16U GA Thunder Tryouts
7/28/2011 Bill Mayo Columbus Storm 12u tryouts
7/27/2011 william rembert browns Mill Lady Jackets 10 under Travel Tryouts
7/27/2011 nikki  osborne Southern Rage 12U Tryouts 7/31 & 8/7
7/27/2011 Vince Marzula 12U Georgia Gals looking for players
7/27/2011 Bill Eidson Ga Xtreme
7/25/2011 Werner  Bandows 10U Looking for a Pitcher
7/22/2011 Ga. Khaos 16U Ga. Khaos (Blue) Tryouts
7/20/2011 morvet davis GEORGIA CRUSADERS 14U TRYOUTS
7/19/2011 Lance Deaton Lady Copperheads 14U
7/18/2011 Rene Rubio Columbus Storm 14U Tryouts 2011-2012
7/18/2011 Melissa Dodd 99 GA Jinx Try-outs!
7/18/2011 Melissa Dodd 99 Pick-Up Available
7/16/2011 Rick Hinrichs 14U Catcher needed for July 23rd
7/13/2011 Raymond  Nipper 8U Team Baden
7/12/2011 Kyle Davis Tryouts for Insanity
7/10/2011 Tracey Selph Tryouts
7/9/2011 Bill Mayo Columbus Storm 12u
7/8/2011 Kevin Konishi 97 Alpharetta Fire Try Outs
7/6/2011 Sarah Gobble Pick up
7/1/2011 Rene Rubio Columbus Storm - Rubio 14U Tryouts
6/28/2011 Renee Gilliland 14u looking for players
6/28/2011 Matthew  Pinholster 99 Henry County Team Try Outs
6/23/2011 Rick Hinrichs Catcher needed June 25th
6/22/2011 Bridgette Zachery 10U Pitchers
6/20/2011 Rick Hinrichs 14U Players Needed - June 25th
6/19/2011 Matthew  Pinholster 12U Catcher needed
6/19/2011 Steve Epps Solid Gold
6/19/2011 Daniel Sullivan 10u Team Spots Open
6/17/2011 Steve Epps PLAYERS NEEDED
6/15/2011 kelly browning 14u pitcher needed this weekend
6/13/2011 James Whitaker New 14 under team
6/7/2011 Spencer Bass 10u tryouts
6/6/2011 Rick Hinrichs 14U Players needed for June 11
6/4/2011 Sarah Register 10u fastpitch players needed
6/2/2011 sutton thompson June 4, 2011
5/31/2011 Flames Coach 14U Tryouts - South Forsyth Flames
5/29/2011 Joey Tye 14u pitcher needed for Pigeon Forge Tn 6-4/5
5/29/2011 Jim  Ellington looking for pick-up players
5/29/2011 Bill Mayo Pitching /Infield Help
5/28/2011 terry preston southern ice 14 u looking
5/26/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid Ga. Storm
5/25/2011 morvet davis Georgia Crusaders 14u looking
5/25/2011 Raymond  Nipper New 7U Team Forming in the Middle GA Area
5/24/2011 Jack Savage 10 and under pitchers
5/23/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid Ga storm 16 u
5/22/2011 Joey Tye 97 Team looking for pitcher
5/18/2011 DERRICK SORROW Ga. Scrappers 10u tryouts
5/15/2011 howard nesmith pitcher needed
5/11/2011 Matt Horne GA Starzz 01 (pick up players needed 5-14)
5/11/2011 Venom Coach Need 14U pickup catcher for 5/14 in Milledgeville
5/11/2011 terry preston 1st year in 14u team looking for solid all around player
5/9/2011 jamie hancock venom 12u
5/9/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid Ga storm 16 u
5/8/2011 Rick Hinrichs Pitcher needed for May 14th
5/6/2011 Hal Kadel DC Force '97 14U Needs Catcher
5/6/2011 Mike Wallace 12U Pitcher/Utility Player
5/5/2011 Joey Tye 97 Georgia Pressure looking for pitcher or pickup pitcher
5/5/2011 Tammy Joiner Looking for pick-up play
5/5/2011 Gary  Miller Opening
5/3/2011 Rick Hinrichs Looking for Pitcher / Utility Player - 14U
5/3/2011 Sherrie Leverett 14U pitcher needed for May 7th
5/2/2011 Jerry Swann FUSION 12u players needed
5/2/2011 Flames Coach 14U Tryouts
5/2/2011 Jerry Swann 12U Fusion looking for players
5/1/2011 Brad Patterson 14U looking for players
4/30/2011 Shannon Ward 12 or 14 U pitcher/infielder
4/27/2011 Venom Coach 14U Looking to finalize roster
4/25/2011 john degroat Synergy 12u needs pick up pitcher
4/25/2011 RODNEY MILSTID 18U Pitcher
4/25/2011 Raymond Hunt Southern Elite
4/23/2011 Jim  Ellington need pick up players
4/21/2011 Jim  Ellington Need pick up
4/21/2011 sutton thompson 16 and under pitcher
4/19/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid Ga Storm 16 u
4/16/2011 Matt Roe New 98 team
4/12/2011 Dwayne  Britt 10U Southern Magic Tryout
4/12/2011 john degroat 18U Pitcher
4/12/2011 Gary  Miller Chain 18U Pitcher Needed
4/7/2011 Amy Westenfeld 14U looking for players
3/28/2011 Eddie Rowland '99 pitcher and/or infielder
3/25/2011 Stacy Harper 10 u pitchers
3/23/2011 Eric  Sanders 13 yr old looking for team
3/21/2011 Vernon  Nobles Camilla CHAIN 14u and 16u
3/21/2011 Raymond Hunt Southern Elite
3/16/2011 john degroat Synergy 12U
3/9/2011 Russ  Story We need another pitcher- 14u
3/9/2011 Gary  Miller Players Needed for KOM
3/8/2011 Jeff Dover Georgia Mustangs(Dover)16A
3/7/2011 Jeff Avant Middle GA Thunder 14 & U
3/7/2011 Jeff Avant Middle GA Thunder 14 & U
3/5/2011 Ronnie Johnston 12U OUTLAWS
3/5/2011 Lisa Jenkins Georgia Fire 01
3/3/2011 morvet davis 12uGeorgia Crusaders
3/2/2011 Melvin Teague 10U Vipers (Moore) Looking For The 1
3/1/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid Ga Storm 16 u
2/25/2011 hudspeth scott 10u fastpitch
2/23/2011 Chris Mitchell X-treme Swing
2/22/2011 Jason Dill 01 team looking for 1 more pitcher
2/22/2011 John Rape Ga Mustangs 97
2/22/2011 Eddie Hammond Mid Ga. Storm 14U Pitcher
2/22/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid. GA. Storm 16 u
2/21/2011 Ken Godfrey 12 & 14u Team ELITE needs a few more players
2/19/2011 Bert Morris 12U Looking for players
2/19/2011 Bert Morris 12U Looking for players
2/16/2011 Jim  Ellington 14-U Backdraft
2/15/2011 Russ  Story 14u pitcher needed - south GA
2/15/2011 Eric Osborne Looking for pickup player this weekend.
2/14/2011 Eddie Heaton Mid. GA. Storm 16 u
2/12/2011 Donny Spoon Infielder needed
2/8/2011 Glenn Dunehew 16U Gwinnett team looking
2/7/2011 Lee Dykes Pitcher Needed
2/7/2011 Kara Mosel GA Xtreme 10U
2/1/2011 Eddie Hammond Middle Ga. 14U
1/27/2011 Ty Poss Southern Alliance
1/26/2011 Kathy Stowers 16U needs a few more players-Tryouts this Sunday
1/26/2011 Kenneth Davis '97 Georgia Panthers Needs 2
1/26/2011 Jody Warren 12U Southern S.W.A.T. open positions
1/25/2011 Jody Warren Southern S.W.A.T. open positions
1/25/2011 Ken Godfrey N. Ga. Team ELITE 12A and 14A Tryouts Feb 5th
1/24/2011 Glenn Dunehew Gwinnett Team 16U needs short +
1/24/2011 scott pevey 12U Team in Savannah/Statesboro
1/21/2011 Raymond Hunt Former 97 Tanel Bandits Looking
1/19/2011 Bill Eidson Ga Xtreme 98
1/18/2011 Chris Maloch Ga Rumble 2000 Open Indoor Batting Practice
1/17/2011 john degroat Synergy 12U looking for pitcher
1/13/2011 David Stowers looking for a pitcher
1/13/2011 Eric Osborne Southern Rage 14u
1/12/2011 Jason Davis Pitcher Needed
1/12/2011 Lee Conner 16U PTC Panthers - Looking for a 2nd catcher
1/12/2011 Caitlin Lewis RHT Looking for SS, 2nd and/or OF
1/11/2011 Caitlin Lewis Starting SS & 2nd Needed
1/8/2011 Lee Conner PTC Panthers - Need a 2nd catcher
1/5/2011 Keisha Massingill 14u tryouts
1/3/2011 Lance Smith Renegades 16u Open tryouts
1/1/2011 Eddie Heaton Middle Ga Storm 16u
12/30/2010 Eric Osborne Southern Rage Try-outs
12/30/2010 Eddie Heaton 16 u Mid .Ga. Storm
12/28/2010 Jim  Ellington Needing 1 more...A catcher
12/27/2010 Ronnie Johnston 98 OUTLAWS 12U PITCHER
12/27/2010 Joe  Wright Home Plate Dynasty Open Try-Outs
12/22/2010 Lance Smith Renegades 16u looking for middle inf. and an
12/21/2010 Bill Eidson Georgia Xtreme 98
12/17/2010 Kenneth Davis '97 Panthers Needs 2
12/16/2010 Kevin Konishi Alpharetta Fire 14U Needs 2 More Players
12/6/2010 Jim  Ellington Need 2 more players
12/5/2010 Blaine Fowler 16U Ga. Khaos looking for one more
12/3/2010 Eric Osborne 10u & 12u Try-Outs
12/3/2010 Payton Powell Georgia Sliderz- New Middle Georgia 12U Team- need pitcher
11/30/2010 Jeremy Morris southwest ga.
11/29/2010 Eddie Heaton Middle Ga Storm 16u
11/24/2010 Grady Pollard Mid Georgia Panthers 16A
11/19/2010 Ronnie Merritt Southern Pride 10U Valdosta GA Tryouts
11/17/2010 Ricky  Peters 14U Hurricanes is looking for 2 more experience pitchers.
11/17/2010 Bill Mayo 10u PLAYERS WANTED
11/16/2010 Charles Ledgister 18U Lady Tigers
11/16/2010 Ricky  Peters 14U Hurricanes is looking for 2 more experience pitchers.
11/16/2010 Wendy Ashmore 10U Peachtree City Area
11/15/2010 Ricky  Peters 14U Hurricanes is looking for 2 more experience pitchers.
11/15/2010 Chris Mitchell 14U travel team out of lagrange
11/14/2010 Joey Tye 14u Ga Pressure 97 Looking for Catcher
11/14/2010 Tina Miller 14 u team looking for players
11/13/2010 Teresa Jolly 16U team
11/7/2010 Werner  Bandows Southern Chaos 8U
11/4/2010 Eddie Heaton Middle Ga Storm 16u
11/3/2010 Jerry Swann Team looking for pitcher
11/2/2010 Ronnie Johnston 12u OUTLAWS pitcher needed Valdosta
10/31/2010 Nancy Cunningham New 14U team Looking for Pitcher
10/29/2010 Barry Hicks Athens, GA Area Team Tryout
10/27/2010 hernandez parker Georgia Crusaders 18A looking to Add players
10/25/2010 Victor Thornton 98 Georgia Crusaders
10/25/2010 Ken Godfrey The Bartow County Team Elite is looking for a 14u pick up pitcher for Decem
10/21/2010 Jim  Ellington Looking for a pitcher
10/15/2010 Jerry Swann 12u team looking for player
10/13/2010 Lance Smith 14 U Renegades Looking for pitcher
10/11/2010 lee wade 14u PITCHER NEEDED
10/6/2010 Kenneth Davis 14U '97 Panthers
10/5/2010 john degroat 12u Pitcher need
10/4/2010 Pat McDermott 14U Open tryouts 9 oct Columbus
10/4/2010 Kyle Davis Open Tryouts for Insanity 14U
10/3/2010 Tommy Mosel Need pitcher/utility player for tournament 10/9
10/1/2010 Eddie Heaton MG Storm 16U
10/1/2010 Kenneth Davis Panthers 14U
9/30/2010 Kyle Davis Insanity 14U
9/29/2010 Eddie Hammond 14U STORM
9/28/2010 Eddie Heaton 16u MG Storm
9/28/2010 Eddie Heaton 16u MG Storm
9/26/2010 howard nesmith catcher 12u
9/26/2010 Jim  Ellington